Discover the Top 5 Event Trends this Year

Being in the business world, there is always competition with other companies in the same industry. However, a little competition doesn’t hurt, and it can help you strive to be better and more unique than other organizations. One of the best ways to one-up your competitors is by creating events that are enticing to potential customers, clients, corporate partners, and the like. 

Thus, it’s very important to be updated with the latest trends happening in the events scene. This will help you make the necessary adjustments, so that you won’t be left behind by the trends with the ever-changing interests of your target audience.  

In this list, we have compiled five of the best trends that are dominating the year 2024. 

1. In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Events

In-Person Event 
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Virtual Event 
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Virtual Event 
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In-person events have remained unbeatable throughout the years because of the deeper engagement, networking, and interaction between your intended audience or market. Thus, it is one of the most classic and favored event types to roll out.  

On the other hand, virtual events stand as a strong contender as they provide flexibility and inclusivity and cost-savings benefits for events, especially those that require the participation of people living in different time zones all over the globe. In the hopes of furthering the scope you can tap into, a hybrid model combines the strengths of the two, making sure your event broadens its reach while remaining intensive, productive and relevant with high touchpoints. 

2. Experience-First Strategy

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“To see is to believe”. People often make decisions based on firsthand experiences and observations. It is one of the biggest deciding factors many consider before being convinced of the merits of an idea, investment or project.  

Therefore, ensuring that the event venue you pick can immerse your attendees in the moment or in the actual experience that you want them to discover is one of the top goals to capture the hearts of your audience. It is crucial to find a venue that can accommodate your event installations, large standees, lightboxes, banners, digital signage boards, and many more.  

3. The Use of AI 

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Of course, there is no doubt that technological advancements make our lives easier today. One good example of this is the use of Artificial Intelligence in recent years for events. You can see this in the proliferation of automating tasks, making executions easier than before. For example, you can schedule certain online tasks for software programs or apps to execute, so that you don’t have to attend to them all the time, allowing you to have more free time to do other activities.  

Another use is for the quick development and creation of the content to be used during the event. AI programs like ChatGPT can help streamline a lot of writing work and can suggest other angles that one cannot see at first. However, as always, AI is only a tool. It’s always best to do fact-checking using other sources, data, and information.  

4. Sustainability

With an increasing number of people becoming more aware of the need to protect planet Earth, sustainability in events has been garnering more attention over time. It’s not only limited to the usual elimination of the use of plastics but also involves being more sustainable in the sense that venues are practicing sustainable habits, using recyclable materials and food suppliers that are locally available, and so on.  

5. Data-Driven Marketing

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Data and research serve as the building blocks of various fields and industries, providing guidance for making informed decisions, driving innovation, and facilitating progress. Ergo, it’s not surprising to see why using data-driven techniques like event apps or online event surveys in managing conferences is on the rise.  

By leveraging these data sets, you can get new insights into your reach, attendee behavior, and engagement levels. So, by keeping track of all this information, it’ll help in improving your strategies for engagement and attendee satisfaction for future events.  

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