4 Questions You Should Ask When Choosing an Event Venue

A successful event is always one that is well thought out and planned. The planning phases are always the most stressful part, but hard work pays off once you see it all come together. To begin, you will need to know where this event is going to happen. First impressions usually start the moment you set your eyes on the place. If you want an easier time choosing an events place in Manila, then perhaps this guide can assist you.

1. What will the event be about?

For starters, ask yourself what event you are trying to plan in the first place. A wedding? A ball? A debut party? A holiday event? A corporate event? It is important to know what the event is for, to make the decision-making process much simpler. If it is a wedding you are planning, then you will want the place to be big and spacious, not only for the guests but also for the ceremony itself. You do not want the bride to go through an obstacle course while walking down the aisle.

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2. When is it happening?

Attendance is another factor in the success of the event. It would be most unfortunate if your guests would miss out on a party because of conflicting timelines. With everyone’s busy schedule, looking for the exact free date is vital in order to have all of the guests present in the venue. It is a great feeling to have when you get to celebrate a special moment with friends, family, and all the people you love and cherish.

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3. What is the budget?

How much are you paying for the performance? How about the food and venue itself? That and other questions, depending on the type of event, are what you need to ask yourself to know how much is being put into this event. These will help determine how much money should be put for every aspect of the celebration.

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4. How many guests are coming?

The number of guests attending the event is also crucial in planning the venue. That will determine how big you need the place to be. Longtime friends who just came back to the country to visit, parents of your partner, your favorite nephew, as well as your boss – you would want to invite them all. But at the same time, you do not want your honored guests to feel uncomfortable from the lack of space. Events places like Chardonnay by Astoria offer all sorts of function rooms to accommodate groups big and small. Cabernet can hold an event for a group of 35-90 people, and Grand Chardonnay can hold a larger group of 320-500 people.

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We hope our tips can help you in your hunt for an events place in Pasig. Have any concerns and questions? We can answer them for you. Reach out to our team via email at chardonnay.events@astoriahotelsandresorts.com or call (+63) 917-791-4965, (+63) 998-591-7487, or (+63 2) 8703-0612.