Which Function Room in Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria Suits Your Needs? 

Metro Manila is home to numerous function halls, each with its unique features and facilities, and choosing the right one for your event may seem like an overwhelming task at first. A few stand out, but it is with Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria that most people see as the obvious choice to spend their special occasion. Whether it be a corporate conference, wedding reception, or any other special occasion, this events hall has almost everything you need. But now the remaining question to be asked is, “Which room should I choose to make the most out of my money”? Worry not, as this article will detail everything you need to know about this multi-purpose venue in Ortigas, Pasig. 

The Elegant Grand Chardonnay  

The Grand Chardonnay exudes an unparalleled air of sophistication and versatility, making it the premier choice for exquisite weddings and prestigious events. Boasting a lavish 409.50 square meters of space meticulously crafted by the renowned talents of the architect Ed Gallego and interior designers Ivy and Cynthia Almario from Atelier Almario, this grand venue sets a standard of elegance that remains unrivaled in its class. For over a decade, the Grand Chardonnay has played host to countless intimate gatherings and grand celebrations, captivating guests with its magnetic allure and timeless modernistic ambience. 

The Versatile Cabernet and Sauvignon for MICE 

The Cabernet and Sauvignon function rooms at the Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria offer a truly ample setting for your meetings. These meticulously designed spaces are the epitome of sophistication, perfect for hosting anything from a formal business conference to a chic networking event. Boasting generous dimensions of 67.68 square meters each, these MICE-ready rooms can accommodate anywhere from 30 to 70 guests. For larger gatherings of up to 100 attendees, the rooms can be seamlessly combined to create an expansive 135.25 square meter venue. Raise your corporate events in Manila to new heights with the unmatched elegance and versatility of these extraordinary rooms, where every detail is designed to inspire meaningful discussions and foster a productive atmosphere.

These sleek and sophisticated spaces provide the ideal setting for meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops. The state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment provided by this events hall ensures seamless presentations, while the comfortable seating arrangements promote focus and productivity. The professional and attentive staff at Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria are experienced in assisting during corporate events and provide the exceptional service that Astoria Hotels and Resorts is known for. Whether it’s a small boardroom meeting, a large-scale conference, or a wedding venue in Pasig that you want to organize, Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria has the perfect function room to suit any of your needs. 

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