Newest Color Trends for Your Next Event

Aside from looking for the best event place, color theme choices are also a very important part of any event. Every event’s mood and vibe can vary depending on your chosen color palette. The colors we surround ourselves with inherently affect our mood and help us express our personality. If you want to add a personal touch to your next event, we’ve got some fantastic new color trends for you to try. These colors will let your personality shine and make your celebration even more special! Luckily, at our events place in Pasig — Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria, our team is always ready to deliver whatever color request you have in mind, so choose to host your next party with us!

Minimalist Neutrals

Neutral colors have been a big hit, not only this year, but also in previous ones. This is a timeless and elegant trend that is here to stay. Warm off-whites and buttery tones are the new favorites by the crowd, and even event organizers. They make a great backdrop if you want something simple, but not just plain white. You can go for grays, wood tones, black, taupe, beige, and browns for a minimalist look. If you want a bit of color, add muted shades like blush pink or soft blue to liven things up. If you are still not decided what color to choose for your next event, you can always start with neutrals. Our event place in Pasig-Chardonnay Events Hall By Astoria has nailed this color trend for many events. If you’re into it, reach out, and we’ll make your event a reality.

Elegant with Sage Green and Light Terracotta

Photo by Monstera Production via Pexels

Elevate the most important day of your life by embracing one of the trendiest color motifs, especially at weddings. Want to maintain an air of class and elegance while infusing a touch of chic and playful flair from your entourage? Consider opting for dresses in a clay hue complemented by the green tones inspired by the leaves in your bouquet. This will surely create a dreamy fall-themed wedding ambience!

Loud Pinks and Reds

Photo by Jeriah Bautista3

2024 is our time to embrace a bolder palette, with vibrant hues like pink and red stealing the spotlight. While we adore neutrals, it’s worth noting that we can step away from the usual cool greys and browns, and explore lively colors that will express your unique personality. This trend is a great fit for debuts, birthdays, and corporate events, adding a splash of excitement to your celebrations!

Playful Blues and Purples

Who says blue and purple can’t be the life of the party? While some individuals might feel hesitant about working with these two bright colors, particularly for events and celebrations, color experts believe that blue and purple are very versatile. When we incorporate blue and purple, it gives a sense of connectedness with the world. These two lively color schemes also work well with other bright colors such as pinks and greens, adding depth or vibrance depending on each shade.

Whatever color scheme you choose, whether you’re leaning towards the bold blues and purples or choosing neutrals that are still in the spotlight of 2024, let your event be a canvas for self-expression. Embrace the versatility of colors, play with combinations, and, most importantly, have fun creating an atmosphere that truly reflects your unique style and personality.

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